It is inexhaustible

Hydrogen is obtained by electrolysis of water. This means that as long as we have water on Earth, the availability of hydrogen is infinite.

It is a source of energy

1 kg of hydrogen releases over 4 times more energy than 1 kg of coal and almost 2.5 times more than 1 kg of petrol.

It complements energy from renewable sources

Hydrogen provides for long-term electricity storage options.

It is clean

The use of hydrogen in a fuel cell does not cause emissions of carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere.

It is light

Its high density makes hydrogen easy to store. It can be stored as a gas or a liquid, which offers attractive development opportunities.



Our products have been designed to minimize impact on the environment in order to strive for decarbonization. They are manufactured using low-emission materials, are scalable and recyclable.


The products have been tested in the most difficult conditions possible: humidity, salinity, vibration, extreme temperatures, etc.


Mass production allows us to offer affordable and efficient products and solutions. Their adaptability thanks to a simplified human-machine interface allows them to multiply their potential applications.


Eneria supports the development of hydrogen technologies

Monnoyeur and Eneria established the cooperation with Energy Observer Developments. As a result, first hydrogen power generators have been added to our product range.

The GEH2® hydrogen power generator is an independent, zero-emission hydrogen powered device, the advantages of which include, inter alia, low noise level, no unpleasant odours, immediate start.

Eneria is a distributor of GEH2 hydrogen power generators by EODev in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania and Algeria. The industrial partnership between EODev and Eneria will accelerate industrial manufacture, implementation and post-sale maintenance management for the GEH2® hydrogen power generator.

For Eneria, it is the next step to provide specific solutions having a positive impact on the environment.

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