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Eneria – comprehensive energy solutions

Backed by the prestigious Bergerat Monnoyeur Group and through our special partnership with the Caterpillar®, Eneria continuously develops and strengthens its image, both at home and abroad.

Eneria provides comprehensive solutions for standby power projects, cogeneration, power modules used in the marine, rail or energy industries, using the advanced technologies of CATERPILLAR® and respecting the environment.

Eneria, a specialist in the field of energy production, provides its customers with comprehensive solutions tailored to their energy needs, while respecting the environment.

Wide range of energy services

Eneria offers comprehensive solutions in the field of energy production, according to the expectations and requirements of its customers. Designs and implements complete installations and ensures their subsequent maintenance. The company operates in many fields: stationary and mobile generating sets (up to 20 MW), power plants (continuous and backup power supply), cogeneration, wind power, biomass and biogas stations.

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Industrial engines

As an authorised representative of CATERPILLAR® – Eneria designs drive systems based on CAT engines for industrial use (locomotives, trucks, agricultural machinery, etc.), marine (fishing boats, commercial units, military, tourism, etc.) and for the oil industry (towers and drilling rigs, pumps, etc.). With extensive experience in each of these areas, the company provides solutions to optimise energy consumption and protect the environment, and offers its customers a wide range of services, including analysis, design and maintenance of the system.

Renewable energy sources

Eneria develops projects of wind farms, ensures their construction and maintenance. So far Eneria built and provides service for wind farms with a total capacity of over 300 MW. In addition, Eneria is developing a network of power plants producing energy from biomass gasification (among other things: woodchips, rice hulls, straw, bone meal, sludge, compost and even textile waste and rubber).

International market presence

Eneria is present on all international markets of the Monnoyeur Group, namely Algeria, Belgium, France, Poland and Romania. In the framework of international activities, the following should receive special mention: the installation of the cogeneration unit for AGFA GEVAERT in Belgium and the construction of a wind farm with a capacity of 46 MW in Poland.