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27th International Power Industry Fair Energetab 2014 – Join us!

We look forward to seeing you at our stand during the Power Industry Fair Energetab 2014 in Bielsko-Biała, on 16–18 September. Meet our sales engineers and technical specialists. Like every year, Energetab Fair is a good opportunity for interesting discussions on continuous or emergency power supply, as well as Caterpillar diesel and gas generator sets. Will be happy to share with you our knowledge and experience in the field of power supply. No question will remain unanswered.


In this year’s edition, we will present medium-power CATERPILLAR generator sets (you will be able to buy them right at our stand), as well as our fully equipped service car.


Eneria’s exhibition will be located in the open area in sector L2, stand 9.




With great satisfaction Eneria is pleased to present the latest power solution – CAT Modular Power Plant made of CAT CG 260 gas generator sets. CG 260 generator set ensures reliable operation on natural gas or biogas.

CAT Modular Power Plant is the first solution of its kind as a complete modular power station equipped with all the necessary systems and components. It is just perfect when efficiency, small size and short (just a few days) installation time are required. The modular design of our CHP plant allows for installing one unit in an incredibly short time of just 12 days. Each system enables gradual CHP plant expansion to a maximum of six units with a total rated power of 25.8MW. The power generated by a single unit depends on a generator installed and currently can reach 4.3MW




Regardless of the location, our solution provides high efficiency, independence and mobility of power generation with total efficiency over 86% when fed with natural gas.


CAT Modular CHP Plant is a flexible, complete and future-proof solution!



CAT Electric Power Days

As every year, our business partner, CATERPILLAR, organised in Malaga a meeting for their representatives and clients to showcase the company’s technological facilities and know-how. CAT® specialists of various business branches shared their experience and presented the latest products and technological solutions: reliable backed-up power supply units (the world’s largest diesel generator set C175-20 with 4000 kVA power), uninterruptible power supply systems (Critical Power Module) and cogeneration solutions (gas CAT® and CAT MWM generator sets).




For our engineers, it was an opportunity to exchange experience and knowledge of the technology, while our clients had the chance to get to know our most important business partner better.


These meetings organized by CATERPILLAR show how the companies work closely will reach other and how CATERPILLAR cares about the relationship with their representatives and clients.



Business Gazelles 2013 – A prestigious nomination...

We are pleased to inform you that Eneria Sp. z o.o. has been nominated for the Business Gazelles 2013 which is the ranking of the companies that grow most dynamically in the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises in Poland.


A key criterion for the nomination is the percentage of financial sales turnover in 2010–2012.


The ranking is issued as a supplement to Puls Biznesu (a daily business newspaper). This publication has a run of 25,000 copies. To check the ranking, please visit



Eneria Polska extends the multi-million contract for PSV vessels!

Signed in April 2011, the contract has just been extended in May 2012 for two more ships.


Having much trust to Eneria Polska, Stocznia Remontowa Shipbuildnig S.A in Gdańsk has entrusted us with delivery of 24 Caterpillar® 3512C engines along with the generators.


Complete generator sets will be installed on six PSV ships (four sets for each vessel) that are being built in Gdańsk shipyard. PSV (Platform Supply Vessel) is an auxiliary vessel, designed specifically to support drilling platforms. The ship has been designed in a Polish design office of MMC Ship Design & Marine Consulting Ltd. based in Gdynia. Now, shipyards all around the world use mostly this very design (MMC 887) for the construction of PSVs.


Having extensive experience in delivering engines and generator sets for the marine industry, Eneria has taken up the challenge and is ahead of the competition. The design was tailored to the client’s needs, and the generator sets were designed and manufactured on the basis of CAT 3512C engines which are considered best in their class. The project, called temporarily B851, includes delivery of the engines and commissioning thereof on behalf of the ship-owner.


One of the selling points for Eneria was the time and cost of project implementation, as well as the precision of services we offered. Also, the close distance between Eneria Marine Department, Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A.  and MMC design office made the whole plan feel just right.


This is not the first project Eneria was contracted for by Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A. Our cooperation began in 2004. Since then we have delivered generator sets and engines for tug boats, emergency response rescue vessels, a number of IBEEV vessels, AHTS vessel and car ferries. By delivering world-renowned reliable Caterpillar® products, Eneria solidifies its strong position in the marine industry.

The prestigious Frost & Sullivan Award for CATERPILLAR Inc.

In October 2010, Caterpillar Inc. received the prestigious award Frost & Sullivan Market Share Leadership Award for the biggest share in the EUROPEAN MARKET FOR DIESEL POWER GENERATORS.


Frost & Sullivan awards are given to companies which represent the best practices in regional and global markets, in such categories as product planning and strategy, technological innovations, leadership, etc.


Frost & Sullivan analysts compare market participants and measure their achievements through interviews, analysis and extensive secondary tests in order to identify the best practices in the industry.


With Caterpillar Inc. being honoured as the industry leader in sales of diesel generator sets, we had to share this news with you.


Caterpillar Inc. became the market leader thanks to the ability to adapt to new market conditions easily, and for its versatility and unrivalled experience in the industry. Especially in times of economic crisis in 2009, the company stood out in the industry by generating profits and thereby securing 25% share in sales of generator sets in the European market.


Caterpillar Inc. has a significant advantage over the competition in the industry by having a complete range of products: CAT® and OLYMPIAN®. Offered by the manufacturer and its dealer network, including Eneria, diesel generator sets with power ranging from 9 kVA to 17 460 kVA represent one of the broadest offerings of this kind of equipment in the industry.


However, the success of our American partner would not be possible if not for your trust in the quality and durability of the technologies that we offer.


Therefore, on behalf of Eneria Sp. z o.o and the equipment manufacturer Caterpillar Inc., we would like to thank you for your trust that you have given us by buying products with CAT® logo.


Introducing C32 series generator sets (1000-1100 kVA) manufactured by CATERPILLAR® and distributed in Poland by ENERIA is a milestone in the power back-up field while meeting high environmental standards.


By being the leader in producing diesel engines and power generators, CATERPILLAR® sets new trends in the design and manufacture of these devices. Take the generator set with C32 engine which marks a real revolution by showing up in the market. It features 250+ innovative patents and the ACERT technology to meet stringent emission standards (EPA Tier 2). This engine has 32 litres of swept capacity, 12 cylinders in V layout and features a supercharger with an air radiator and direct fuel injection. The set has EMCP automatics of the latest series III that works with fast engine control unit ADEM (IV) which allows for reliable cooperation with electronic devices that are sensitive to supply current parameters.


C32 marks the fulfilment of the world’s most stringent emission standards without compromising the power, and still keeping the prices relative to the previous unit in CAT generator set series.