High-efficiency cogeneration

Our offer includes CATERPILLAR® gas gensets adapted to cogeneration work, that is cogeneration power from 400 to 4,500 kWe in one block.

Cogeneration system ensures optimal use of transformed energy, both electricity and heat. In a typical solution heat energy is entirely lost in the exhaust and cooling unit. The combined system allows its reception in the form of hot water or saturated steam. These types of systems are designed for continuous operation. Cogeneration systems can be installed in large greenhouses, industrial buildings, consuming heat and electricity, as well as waste treatment plants, landfills, local power plants, etc. You can also reduce the cost of system operation through the resale of the surplus of generated electricity or heat.

To date, the Eneria Group installed and operates cogeneration units with a total capacity of over 700 MW. Thanks to the unique solutions of CATERPILLAR®, cogeneration systems have a wider group of buyers.

In addition, Eneria Poland is involved in the operation of biogas plants based on Caterpillar® gas generator sets.

We provide our clients with tailored solutions. We offer a selection of equipment and technology for specific technical and economic conditions, as well as post-sale service and support. We invite you to contact us. Cogeneration is an investment that pays off!

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