Grupe Monnoyeur

100 years of experience

Monnoyeur Group employs 5500 people, and is the leader in the sale of construction machinery, engines, power equipment and system solutions.

As the exclusive Caterpillar representative since 1929, we provide our customers with solutions based on CAT construction and power machines and equipment.

2010 to date: Expansion in the renewable energy sector

2012: In order to emphasize the importance of renewable energy and to mark their presence in this sector, drawing from the experience in wind projects, the Monnoyeur Group created a subsidiary called Eneria-Ren that implements gas and biogas projects.

2000: Monnoyeur Group companies change their identity

  • Bergerat Monnoyeur Travaux Publics transforms into Bergerat Monnoyeur CAT.
  • Bergerat Monnoyeur Énergie transforms into ENERIA.
  • Bergerat Monnoyeur Manutention transforms into Aprolis.
  • Bergerat Monnoyeur International transforms into Magellan.
  • In 2005, Slevmi transforms into Bergerat Monnoyeur Location.

The 1990’s: the establishment of the Monnoyeur Group

  • Bergerat Monnoyeur Travaux Publics
  • Bergerat Monnoyeur Energie
  • Bergerat Monnoyeur Manutention
  • Bergerat Monnoyeur International

The Group continues to expand globally: after opening a branch in Algeria, the company enters the markets in Romania (1991) and Poland (1997).

While entering the new markets, the company expands its business, particularly in Romania, where they start to distribute Renault Trucks and agricultural machinery in partnership with John Deere.

1996: by buying out Slevmi, Bergerat Monnoyeur enters the market for minor roadwork equipment.

Since 1926: Ongoing partnership with CATERPILLAR

  • Regional service points grow in numbers
  • Opening of the first specialized maintenance points: marine engines, fork lifts
  • The product range is expanded with industrial engines and generator sets
  • Starting a business in Algeria in 1981

1906-1929: The Origins of Grand Future

1906: Hyc. Bergerat & Cie is founded

1929: on 6 December, the company becomes the exclusive representative of Caterpillar Tractor Company in France