Additional options

The standard solutions we offer can be expanded with a variety of extra options such as:

  • Factory-made enclosures, soundproofed as per 2000/14/EC. Weather resistant. Perfect when you need immediate post-assembly readiness to use, when there is no separate space to spare for the unit or if you will be relocating or selling it in the future.
  • Engineering Containers with heavy soundproofing (even up to 55dB(A) @1m), based on proprietary solutions developed by our engineers and designed in Eneria Design Studio. A solution for the most demanding applications. It allows for the module to be precisely matched to Client needs in terms of dimensions, noise and fuel autonomy.
  • Approved driving chassis with enhanced structure for complete mobility. Also with height-adjustable drawbars and lighting masts.
  • Control panels with enhanced functionality: EMCP4.2 with Modbus / RS-485 communication, EMCP4.3 with Ethernet (Modbus TCP/IP) communication, and EMCP4.4 for synchronization with the grid and between units.
  • Unit-unit and unit-grid synchronization panels. The former enable power supply system redundancy, as well as flexible and mobile power supply management. Grid synchronization system is a solution for facilities where uninterruptible power supply is a priority.
  • ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) – for automatic power source control in the event of district supply failure or instability.
  • 4–20 kV generators. For complete flexibility with the power connection and your planned backed-up power supply.
  • Turnkey projects encompassing design, construction, installation and acceptance works, including making necessary surveys and obtaining permits required by the law. This means the Investor doesn’t have to worry about anything, leaving the whole project in the hands of professionals.
  • Monitoring systems – basic version via GSM (texts and emails), and extended version in the form of CAT® Connect (visualization over the internet). Continuous feed of information about the unit location, condition and alarms.
  • Tropical/Arctic versions of devices with extra options to make a standard unit suitable for climate zones other than temperate.
  • 60Hz generator sets
  • and many more.

We are experienced in installing generator sets in unusual locations such as noise-sensitive zones, rooftops, underground and even at seashore…

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