Scope of work

Works provided by us:

  • Construction of transformer stations
  • Construction of high-voltage switching stations (up to 110 kV)
  • Internal low-voltage electrical systems (standard lighting and power supply systems inside a building)
  • External low-voltage electrical systems (power cable lines, lighting, parking lots, roads, etc.)
  • Lightning protection systems, earthing and equalizer connection.
  • Ultra low-voltage (low-current) systems composed of such elements as:
    • Fire detection and alarm system
    • Burglary and robbery alarm system
    • CCTV
    • PA system
    • Audible warning system (fire system)
    • Interphone system
    • Telephone system with telephone exchange
    • Structural network (internal computer network)
    • Working time logging
    • Access control system
    • I inne.


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